Triptych of London

Choose from 3 beautiful old maps by C&J Greenwood or Charles Booth

Saxton's 1579 Map of
England & Wales

The first printed map of England & Wales - a true masterpiece

John Speed's 1651 world map

Back when California was still an island and Australia hadn't been discovered

Large old maps
of London

Amazing old maps of London - printed large. Perfect for pubs, hotels, offices, etc. up to 4m wide

Geological map of England & Wales, 1843

Superb handcoloured map by Roderick Impey Murchison

Established in 1984, we scour the world for rare maps, restore them at our workshop in London and sell beautiful prints online. We guarantee your cannot find higher quality maps anywhere else.

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About the Unique Maps Co.

Established in 1984, The Unique Map Co. is a purveyor of the finest and rarest old maps.

The 'unique map' process begins with sourcing the original antique maps - some as old as 450 years old.

Many of the oldest maps are exceedingly rare. Handcoloured maps were expensive and were only affordable to nobles - and so sometimes there are only a few dozen copies of a map in existence. 

We then restore the maps at our specialist workshop in London, taking care to remove the dirt and grime but leave all of the original charm.

We guarantee that you cannot find higher quality prints of these maps anywhere else.

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From the Unique Maps Co. workshop