Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed
Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed
Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed
Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed
Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed
Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed
Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed
Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed
Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed
Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed

Old World Map, 1626 by John Speed

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Almost all of my maps look amazing at large sizes (2m+) and I can frame them. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

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This is a superb example of an exceedingly rare, full colour map by John Speed in 1626. It was one of the first world maps printed in England, and one of the first atlases written in English rather than Latin. John Speed was one of the fathers of cartography.

This map was beautifully handcoloured almost 400 years ago. Sourced and restored by the Unique Maps Co., this is the finest copy of this map - which is one of the rarest and most valuable world maps - that you can find.

This map is virtually identical to this other world map by John Speed, but the colours are more muted, which may suit your colour palette better:

Back in 1626, our understanding of the world wasn't quite what it is today. California is an island! And there's no Antarctica or Australia - just the 'Southern Unknown Land'.

Take a closer look at North America and there are some very early settlements on there - including some that have been completely fabricated by the mapmaker! And why does North America swing off wildly to the west in the top corner?

This map looks amazing at all sizes, from 12x16 inches (30x40cm) to 16x20 inches (40x50cm), 18x24 inches (45x60cm) and beyond to 24x36 inches (60x90cm). I can print it and frame it at sizes up to 52x70 inches (130x180cm). It looks truly beautiful at that larger size, as you can imagine.

This world map would make a perfect gift for someone who loves to travel or explore, or it would look great as wall art on your own walls! It's a beautiful piece of wall art that would make a good housewarming gift.

You can order the map itself, or you can order a framed version. The frame is a nice, simple black frame that really makes our maps pop out when on a wall. Please get in touch if you'd like a different frame. We use super-clear perspex in our frames - it's less reflective than glass and better for transport.

All of my maps are well packaged and sent in a rugged tube if unframed, or surrounded by foam if framed.

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My maps are extremely high quality reproductions of original maps.

I source original, extremely rare maps from libraries, auction houses and private collections around the world, restore them at my London workshop, and then use specialist giclée inks and printers to create beautiful maps that look even better than the original.

My maps are printed on thick matte (not glossy) paper that feels high quality. In technical terms the paper weight/thickness is 10mil/190gsm. It's perfect for framing.

Please contact me if you're looking for a print on canvas or cotton rag.

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